Because the void was filled with clamoring and chaos because the Woman was filled with love because the sky was rippling with light because the elder was oscillating with peace because the ancient spoke of truth because she gave because he took because I can because I will triumph because the raven flys high because the wolf follows intently because the wind wails because the sea sways because the stone stood because the trees bicker because the storms change

Anything else?

How about everything else? Who? What? When? Where? How? , yes this is you and your journey lies ahead take the steps where no one has treaded, unleash your Destiny, go without a heading towards open sea only true inner wisdom comes through something gained not previously had so leave now seek it out there in the real world……

I remember a time….

I remember a time when the sun used to set over a mythical land, where I would venture out to the open plains of the East and the towering mud castles to the west, to the Great wood to the south all of which I was accompanied by my faithful beast , a stout wolf . I once had in my possession a clear view of how things ought to be , but now the sun has set too many times and now my mind has become full of fog and the projections of other’s views and how I should be calculated, predictable, dependable, busy, shaped to fit perfectly into a catalog. I have just recently uncorked the bottle of my youth and am now tasting of my early days, I shall escape…I shall escape home..


In the middle of it all… secluded in the stronghold a different kind of sun shines here , filtered , organic, living. Silent creatures stand watching waiting along the water’s edge , mountain passes , valleys and hills. The stone towers tear asunder . The denizen is always present , decay that lifts leaves and levels trees. The angry sky falls into anguish and feeds the hungry land below. The ill tempered one inside yanks the divide and shifts the pieces.

Two eyes

I watch as the eye of the night rises overhead, focusing all strange transactions of the dark. Winged ghosts murmur like banshees in the trees above. The wild dogs run through the forest and mountain peaks , calling out to the eye. Once dawn arrives all the unrest is settled and the eye of life rises over. Hot ,bright reviving the world and all its creatures. Two eyes dominate the skies but on a darker night more eyes blink and join in the spectacle.

Add title

I am the face behind ol man of the mountain. I am proud of the speaking monolith I have created. As with all things this too must end , here I am, this is me. A boy striving to become a man , a labyrinth lies ahead and walled corridors behind. The tall heavy door is slowly creaking open , the long halls breathe cold stale air. I tremble, tip toeing beneath colossal walls, squeezing by. I’ll find that door and slip away inside….

-Christian Patterson


What I fear is wasted potential, a stale one, a dud….what if you fail or never begin. An empty book with empty words, failed motives, meaningless actions to fill your finite amount of sunlight. Burning an entire kingdom that you’ve never set your eyes upon. Our potential is the strongest thing we possess except it is fickle and we are constantly delaying it due to our own meager desires.


Enables sight , the aroma of the universe. Something that travels faster than any other substance known to man and yet could die at any moment? Delayed for years only to split the abyss. Light birthed the void to which we are now inhabitants of. Light is our source.